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Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc. Acquires Skilled Nursing Facility

Lake Forest, Calif., (Nov. 6, 2014) – Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc. (“Summit”) announced today that it acquired a 55-bed skilled nursing facility in Myrtle Point, Oregon for a purchase price of approximately $4.2 million on Oct. 31, 2014.

The 18,105 square foot facility will be operated by and leased to Dakavia Management Corp. (“Dakavia”) pursuant to a 15-year triple net lease. Dakavia has over twenty years of experience in the skilled nursing industry and operates five other facilities in Summit’s portfolio.

“Dakavia continues to prove a valuable partner in our strategic growth efforts,” said Kent Eikanas, President and Chief Operating Officer of Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc. “We are excited to see our relationship with Dakavia expand, and we look forward to additional opportunities in the future.”

About Summit Healthcare REIT, Inc.
Summit is a publicly registered non-traded REIT that is currently focused on investing in healthcare related senior housing real estate located throughout the United States. The current portfolio includes interests in 15 healthcare facilities.

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